Plinko Decision-Making Board

I made a Plinko Decision-Making board over a poster of Orion. This could be a referendum on the randomness of the universe and the futility of our actions in the face of eternity, or just a way to figure out what to eat for dinner.

Tonight, we feast on chicken! Thank you for the suggestion, Universe!

The 18”x27” board is fully framed and covered with Plexiglas to enclose the Plinko Planets, with the pegs representing stars in the Universe and the chips painted like the nine planets (yes, I still think Pluto should be considered a planet).


The top portion of the frame is removable to allow the Planets to be dropped into the Plinko machine.

plinko2The bottom of the board folds out to a dry erase board to create custom decisions.


The chips that fall down the Plinko board are designed to look like the nine planets. I chose nine because a) I needed an odd number of chips to make sure I didn’t have any ties and b) Pluto4Lyfe.

Plinko Chips

Thanks for checking out my Plinko board! If you like it, or want me to make a decision for you with the board, please post your comment below!