Play Ball

On paper, we’ve got the best roster in the league. Talented players at every position, with a good mix of solid veterans and young prospects. We’ve won a lot over the years, but staying great every season means constantly challenging ourselves to be great again. The title is always ours to lose.

Of course, it’s not going to be that easy this time. Our lovable coach is retiring and left the team with limited options available to replace him. Both of the possible new coaches have some serious problems and the locker room is divided on which one we should choose. Regardless of which one is hired, half of our team won’t like their new coach. This season is going to be tough.

The reporters say we’re a team in turmoil, struggling to meet our own high expectations and trying to avoid breaking down completely. They don’t care about the new coach – they just want the players to create a headline. They set us up against each other and wait for the fireworks. Sometimes, we fall for it. But we’re better than that.

We can deal with this because we’re still a damn good team. The coaches can draw up plays and try to tell us what to do, but we’re the ones on the field, playing the game. Even if the coaches are terrible, we’re an extremely talented group of players. We can overcome any differences we have with the coaching staff and still play like a great team. We decide the outcome of the game.

We’re still on this team together, whether we like the coach or not.

Let’s play ball.

#Election2016 #PlayBall