Ryan’s Own Websites

These are websites made for my own businesses, ideas, and charities. For a full list of the sites I have designed, check out my web design page.

WORDs / Magnetic Poetry: “Writing on Refrigerator Doors” is a Tumblr account that I use to post my magnetic poems. “Some are funny. Some are serious. All are magnetic”

RIFFL: The webpage for the “Reality Identical Fantasy Football League.” This is a league I started in 2012 that uses the real NFL CBA and current player contracts to provide the structure and rules for the league. Owners must make contract decisions, draft rookies, and pay penalties for add/drops, all while staying within the guidelines of the real NFL CBA. This is Fantasy Football for the super fan.

SEMA Games: The website for my game company. We are currently offering sales on our first product, Synergy: A Business Strategy Game! We hope to have several other reality based board games available for sale in the next couple years.

Eggs For Legs: This is a movement I started to help support the Wounded Warrior Project. Similar to the popular Ice Bucket Challenge, Eggs For Legs challenges people to donate to the WWP after getting hit in the head with an egg. It is great fun – you should take the challenge!

Cards For Cancers: This is an idea I started to raise awareness for certain charitable causes. The first “Card” is the “Beard Card,” which I give out to people who ask me about my beard. For every comment, suggestion, compliment, or criticism I receive, I give the person who made the comment a Beard Card and I donate $1 to the Prostate Cancer Foundation.