Ryan Mentock For President

Ryan Mentock For President

If I were to run for President of the United States, this would be my platform. This represents the ideal I would expect from the greatest collection of human beings on the planet – the American citizens. I do not consider myself a Democrat or a Republican, as both sides have ideas that I agree with depending on the issue. Since I am unlikely to ever be nominated for elected office, this page mostly serves as a quick reference for anyone who tries to yell at me on Facebook.


Healthcare Reform

Tax Reform

Foreign Policy

Campaign Finance Reform

Gay Marriage / Civil Rights

Women’s Rights


I reserve the right to change my personal viewpoint on a particular subject or policy, but only as long as I commit myself to providing a full, detailed, and public explanation of what caused me to change my opinion. If I am ever proven to ignore this self-imposed requirement of transparency, please punch me in the face and tell me to remember where I came from.



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