Album Cover Art for “Likee Holiday” by Royal Catchflys

Made my first album/song cover art for a friend’s band! Wasn’t exactly what I planned when I started, but I think it turned out great. The song felt like Summer to me, so I made a Summer sunset out of grass and flowers.

I asked a local swap/donation group on Facebook if anyone had any flowers growing in their yards and didn’t mind if I came by to collect them, and three folks helped!

  • The pink in the top right and the white in the bottom left came from a lady’s side yard. My daughter helped me collect them and the lady remembered when her own daughter helping with the garden when she was a kid.
  • The orange flowers lined about 20′ of street frontage at the end of a cul-de-sac and the lady wanted them gone because they were blocking her driveway. I did my best to take out the weeds, too!
  • A local florist also collected a bag of scraps from her day’s work and left them on her porch for me, which is how I got the large, pretty pinks and reds.
  • The backing green material is just bagged lawn trimmings from a fresh mow.

The original idea was to put the band’s name and the song’s name in rope, with white rope over the pink/purple flowers in the top right and blue rope over the white/orange flowers in the bottom left. I had glued and laid out the letters with white rope a few days before I got the flowers, hoping I could just lay the string down on the flowers when it was time for the photo. Seemed like a great idea, but the whole thing fell apart as soon as I took it out of the clamps. The string was still stiff from the glue, though, so I had to scrap that idea.

I only had an hour or so before the petals wilted, so I used the rest of my blue cord for the song title and came up with a new plan for the band name. I cut some scrap rip cuts from a 2×4 into 3.5″ pieces, painted them yellow/orange, added the letters, and hoped it would match the orange flowers well enough to make a cool contrasting color over the pink/purple section. I figured orange on pink is usually so hideous, it would have to stand out well.

I had planned the photo for noon so I could get the best light, but a few delays meant I had to deal with some shadows that weren’t supposed to be there. I spread everything out over a 4×4 pallet to make a “canvas” for the flowers and used ripped sections of 2x4s for the frame. At first, I thought putting the lawn trimmings on the pallet was unnecessary, but it was vital when I had to relocate the pallet to get better lighting. I upped the brightness and saturation in edits to make it the colors stand out more and think it turned out really well!

Click here to listen to “Likee Holiday” by Royal Catchflys:

Plinko Decision-Making Board

I made a Plinko Decision-Making board over a poster of Orion. This could be a referendum on the randomness of the universe and the futility of our actions in the face of eternity, or just a way to figure out what to eat for dinner.

Tonight, we feast on chicken! Thank you for the suggestion, Universe!

The 18”x27” board is fully framed and covered with Plexiglas to enclose the Plinko Planets, with the pegs representing stars in the Universe and the chips painted like the nine planets (yes, I still think Pluto should be considered a planet).


The top portion of the frame is removable to allow the Planets to be dropped into the Plinko machine.

plinko2The bottom of the board folds out to a dry erase board to create custom decisions.


The chips that fall down the Plinko board are designed to look like the nine planets. I chose nine because a) I needed an odd number of chips to make sure I didn’t have any ties and b) Pluto4Lyfe.

Plinko Chips

Thanks for checking out my Plinko board! If you like it, or want me to make a decision for you with the board, please post your comment below!

Pi Day

March 14th has always been considered “Pi Day” because 3/14 represents 3.14, the rounded value of the mathematical constant pi, and people think that is pretty cool. The problem is that pi does not equal 3.14, but rather 3.14159265358979323846…you get the idea. Pi is infinite, but 3/14 has only been able to cover the first three digits for the last 99 years. We’ve had a few 3/14/1X’s the past few years, which is cute, but it isn’t the real deal.

This post is queued up to be posted on 3/14/15 at 9:26:53:58 AM. Assuming science doesn’t figure out how to make us live forever, this will be the coolest Pi Day of our lives. Since you may have missed the AM ceremony, I encourage everyone to reflect on the universe for the next 12 hours and take a millisecond or two after 9:26 PM tonight to honor this amazing number. Without it, our world and everyone in it would have never existed at all.


This is a painting I did a few years ago to help me memorize Pi. Growing up, one of the most impressive things (to me) about one of my uncles was that he could recite Pi to more than one hundred digits. One day I decided I wanted to learn Pi, too, so I did. It took me about 6 weeks to do it and I “studied” by just counting as high as I could go without looking two or three times a day. I now consider my ability to recite these 102 digits in about 15 seconds as one of the greatest achievements in my life. Yes, that is just as sad as it sounds.

I wanted to be able to say “I can recite pi to more than one hundred digits,” so I decided to learn it up to 102 digits. That might seem like a random number, but it was intentional so nobody could ever ask me if “more than one hundred digits” includes the 3 at the beginning. The 102 digits does include the 3, but it doesn’t matter – I’d still be at 101 (and over one hundred) without it! Yay! It also fit the pattern of the painting really well, since three, point, and eight are all five letters long. The weird part is that I really have no clue which number is next. Memorizing Pi to 103 digits just seemed a bit excessive, I guess.

Enjoy a nerdy song to get your day started. Happy Pi Day!